Laney + Jon | Married in South Lake Tahoe, CA

It’s not every day you’re asked to photograph a family member’s wedding, especially a family I’m so thankful to have since I’m an only child. Matt’s brothers have become my brothers, and Laney has become family as well. I met Jon the same night I met Matt almost 5 years ago. Jon and Laney met the following year at a friend’s party, and they spent the evening hanging out together. Jon had ridden with us, and when we went to leave he said he wanted to stick around so he could spend more time with her. We wondered, who is this girl that’s caught his attention? Laney started coming over to the apartment that the brothers shared, and soon it was official. A couple years later, they brought their beautiful daughter into the world, and they became a family. We’ve grown closer over the last few years, and it’s been such a joy watching them thrive as parents and grow closer to each other. I always tell Laney I’ll be coming to them for parenting advice when our time comes!

When they asked us to witness their marriage, I was so thrilled. It would just be Matt and I, and their other brother Geoff who would be marrying them. It was so much fun looking at dresses with Laney and talking about all the little details of the day, but also knowing that they would have no stress of a huge wedding. It was going to just be the five of us with no schedule, just a plan to take photos and get them married at some point 🙂 That day, we met at their house as Laney finished up getting ready, and then we were on our way. We stopped at Hope Valley where I helped Laney get dressed behind a grove of trees, and then I lead Jon over with his eyes closed so they could do their first look face to face. It was so sweet to see his reaction when he opened his eyes, and I loved capturing these two as they laughed and goofed off. We ended up running a little later than expected and when we found the perfect spot on the beach, it was right before sunset. It ended up being the most beautiful part of the day as they got married in front of the lake with golden light behind them. They wrote their own vows and it was so sweet seeing Laney get so emotional as she was reading them, and Geoff did such an amazing job as their officiant. After they were married, we took a few photos on the beach and then headed to dinner. It was such a fun, laid back, beautiful and emotional day and I’m so happy they asked us to be a part of it, and that I was able to document it! Laney and Jon, I can’t wait to see how your relationship and your family continues to grow 🙂


Dress: BHLDN

Flowers: Rocklin Florist