Karla + Bernd | Married in San Francisco, CA

Karla and I connected not even a week before their wedding, and when she told me that they were planning to pick up their marriage license at SF City Hall and then have a friend marry them on the beach, I was sold. Then she told me they were also planning on having cake in front of their vintage bus, and I was in love! They sounded like just my kind of couple and I loved that they were keeping it low key and intimate. The weather was questionable that day, and when I arrive at City Hall the clouds were looming and it wasn’t looking good. We had agreed to stay there if it was pouring, but I was crossing my fingers the rain would hold off. We were checking the weather forecast as we explored around City Hall, and as we were wrapping up we decided to go for it and head to the beach. I was really hoping we’d end up there because I knew it would be gorgeous, but when we arrived they told me that’s where they had their first date! So I was even more thrilled that they ended up being married there. It was such an amazing experience to be part of such a small celebration, to be able to witness it and to be the one to capture it! Their ceremony was joyful, emotional, and full of so much laughter. Afterwards, we celebrated with bubbles (they were nice enough to bring me a glass too!) and then they cut their beautiful and delicious tiramisu cake in front of their adorable vintage bus. As soon as the cake was cut, Bernd wanted to enjoy their cake side by side in the comfort of the bus. They told me they travel around a ton and it’s like a home away from home, so this was perfect. It was so much fun getting to know these two and their friends, and spending such an intimate day together! Karla and Bernd, I wish you two all the best!