David + Aron | Married in Sacramento, CA

When I first met David and Aron, I knew I wanted to tell their story. These two have an overflowing joy about them, both as individuals and as a couple. They so clearly love life and live it the fullest, and anyone around them can feel their positivity. I would have been friends with them had I met them any other way, and I’m happy to say that not only are we friends now but I also had the honor of capturing their wedding day. Win win! Their story started off slightly drawn out, as it didn’t happen immediately and it took a few months for things to really click, but the bond these two have is a beautiful thing to witness. They just care so deeply for each other and not only that, they share the love with each other’s friends and family as well. I always say that the company a couple keeps tells so much about them, and the people that surrounded Aron and David on their wedding day were so full of love and joy and clearly so excited that the day had come. These two deserve nothing but the best and so many years of happiness that I know are ahead. David and Aron, you guys are the best and I’m so happy to have met you and been able to be a part of this amazing day in your life together. I know you two will continue laughing together and caring for each other for the rest of your lives 🙂