Christine + Tommy | Married at Logan Shoals, NV

Christine and Tommy live in Texas, but they chose Lake Tahoe because they both love the outdoors and knew it was one of the most beautiful places on earth to get married. I chatted with them both a couple times over the phone, and we kept in touch on Facebook where I was able to learn that they are both huge dog lovers and obviously lots of fun as well. I was excited for their day since it was just us and a few of their family members, but also because I felt like I was seeing two friends I haven’t seen in forever. It didn’t really feel like a first meeting, and when I “met” them each in their hotel rooms, there were lots of hugs and we were immediately friends in real life. I directed Tommy to a spot I had seen on the side of Highway 50 for the first look, but as Christine and I drove his direction, I didn’t see his car near where I planned to meet him. We kept driving a bit until we saw their Jeep, and we saw Tommy standing in the middle of a perfect grove of trees, in a spot I somehow missed but fell in love with even more than the one I picked. Nice job Tommy! It was so much fun just romping through the woods with these two and of course I loved that they both wore their Chucks and that Christine was up for anything, wedding dress and all. Their ceremony was overlooking the lake and it was such an honor to be one of the few there to witness it. I was so happy to spend the day with them, to photograph them in such a beautiful place, and to capture them promising forever. Christine and Tommy, you two are such a perfect match and I know you’re going to have so many amazing years together 🙂


Hotel: Harrah’s

Hair & Makeup: Annette’s Brides

Ceremony: Logan Shoals

Florist: Rose Petals