Alyssa + Reese | Married in Foresthill, CA

Alyssa and Reese first met on a cruise, and I love that their story began there. I can just imagine them hanging out together on the ship, flirting and being adorable but never thinking that they would end up married and spending the rest of their lives together. They parted ways for a bit after that, but reconnected when they were both in college and the timing was better. That time, it stuck, and they knew pretty quickly that this was the real deal. We actually shot their engagement session at the spot they visited on the day they became boyfriend and girlfriend, and they had both agreed they weren’t just looking to casually date, so there was a lot of meaning behind them making it official. Three years later he proposed, and they started to plan their mountain wedding day to reflect their love of the outdoors. As they spoke their vows to each other during the ceremony, you could see the look of intent in both their faces as they made their promises to each other. Just like when they agreed to make it official as boyfriend and girlfriend, you could see how much their vows meant to each other as they became husband and wife. Something I love about these two is they both put their full heart into whatever they do, whether it be relationships or careers, and you can see how much they’ll put into their marriage. Reese described Alyssa as someone who you just couldn’t be unhappy around, she’s so happy and full of light at all times that you just can’t help but smile. And I don’t think it’s possible that Alyssa can go more than a few minutes without laughing when she’s around Reese. It was so sweet seeing them surrounded by their families and friends, all so full of love and overflowing excitement at witnessing their marriage and being a part of the day. It was such an amazing day to be a part of, and I’m so thankful to have been the one to capture it! Alyssa and Reese, thank you so much for having me as a part of your wedding. I know you two have such an amazing future together!

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Venue & Catering: Forest House Lodge

Hair & Makeup: All Dolled Up Hair & Makeup Artistry, and hair by the bride’s aunt 🙂

Officiant: Reverend Jeri Murphy

Florist: Camino Flower Shop