Johanna + Siobhan | Married in Berkeley, CA

Johanna and Siobhan met at the beginning of the Summer at UW-Madison, when Siobhan was visiting to check out the campus and the history program. One evening at a student gathering, they caught each other’s eye and Johanna started up a conversation. They both described the experience as thinking the other was way out of their league, which I love that they both thought so highly of each other from the very beginning. Johanna offered to help Siobhan with any advice about moving to the area, they exchanged emails, and when Siobhan decided to attend the university, she emailed Johanna under the pretense of needing housing advice. Johanna didn’t know how to respond without making it totally obvious that she was interested, so she never responded. They ran into each other again at orientation later that Summer, and Johanna started inviting her to group events. Siobhan always said yes, but after a few times hanging out they ended up staying later than everyone else and they were finally alone for the first time. They walked home together, they kissed, and the rest was history (which is actually kind of funny to say, since they were in a history program). After finishing up school, they moved to Philly and then eventually moved to Berkeley only a few weeks before the wedding. They were married in Madison, the place they met, and then planned a big party to celebrate with family and friends.  They had family come in from France, Sweden, and Wales, and for some it was their first time ever coming to the states, so it was a big deal to have everyone all together. The history professor who recruited Siobhan and was the reason her and Johanna crossed paths was their officiant, which was so special to have her play such a big part in their day. It was so fun seeing them surrounded by so many friends and family from near and far, as they had their ceremony in a magical redwood grove, laughed hysterically at some of the best toasts I’ve heard, and danced the night away under the stars. Johanna and Siobhan, thank you so much for having me as a part of this amazing day, and for trusting me to capture such a special time in your lives! I wish you two all the best!


Venue: UC Berkeley Botanical Garden

Officiant: Siobhan’s PhD supervisor, and the reason they met 🙂

DJ: DJ Jeremy Productions

Caterer: S+S Gastro Grub

Cake: made by Johanna’s best friend